Extra Credit with Teacher Michael

Extra Credit with Teacher Michael

A podcast about the world of online education.

I've created this podcast as a way to share stories & learn from people who are using today's technology to teach things online.

Some of my guests are like me, teaching English to students in China with companies like VIPKid, some create educational resources on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers, some make tutorial videos on YouTube.

The thing we all have in common is that we're using the internet to reach beyond the traditional classroom to share our ideas and expertise with the world.

If that sounds interesting, you're in the right place and this podcast was made for YOU!

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    33. Actor Life and Teaching ESL Online | @vip_kristen

    Today I speak with VIPKid teacher and musical theatre performer Kristen. If you're a performer of any type or interested in a performers approach to teaching ESL online, this is the episode for you.

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    31. Teach. Travel. Repeat. | @dino.vipkid

    I love teaching and I love travel which is why I was so excited to sit down and have a chat with VIPKid Teacher Kimberly. She and her husband spent 13 months travelling the world and teaching along the way. If you've ever dreamed about doing something like that you're gonna want to hear this episode!

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    30. A Retiree's Guide to Teaching ESL Online | @vipkid_ms.mona

    Today I chat with Mona, a retired librarian turned VIPKid teacher. In this episode Mona shares the story of how she got into the world of online teaching, what she loves most about teaching kids in China, and offers some advice for any teachers who are considering teaching ESL online in their retirement years.

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    25. A 5-Apple Chat with Teacher Mandy | @teachingpineapple

    Today I sat down for a great chat with veteran VIPKid Teacher Mandy. Mandy spoke about her experience as an online teacher, getting involved with the VIPKid community through her 5-Apple Chats, as well as her upcoming trip to China.

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